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No episode this week guys, one half of the show is down and out with the flu…the mouthier one…why not listen to the older podcasts and catch up while the star recoups? Happy listening everyone!
New podcast in the works….
Gainer Camp Podcast part 2 is coming out this week and we have several future podcasts lined up. Keep listening!

We have some new faces, old faces, and some interesting topics coming in the coming weeks!

What the title said, also there will be a comic. Stay tuned and thanks for being patient.

There won’t be a podcast this week. We have family in town and finding time to record will be futile at this point. We’ll return next week~

Got an iphone? Wanna listen to the podcast on the go or download them for keeps? Here you go:

Also, note the new Download Podcast section in the links under the logo.

Recording tonight, with just the two of us. Its all about sex tonight.
No podcast this week guys, we needed a little down time. Never fear, a holiday episode will appear and a few new recipes.
Recording tonight with Henry VIII, the topic is “do’s and don’ts on a first time gainer date/meetup.”