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A Hot Chocolatey Mess


Ganache Center

2/3 cup Heavy Cream

Scant 1/4 cup Ground Coffee

4 ounces Bittersweet Chocolate, Coarsely Chopped

3 Tbsp. Unsalted Butter, Softened

Cookie Batter

1/3 cup Almond Meal or Almond Flour

3 Large Eggs, Separated

Pinch of Salt

3/4 cup Sugar

6 Tbsp. Unsalted Butter, melted

8 ounces Bittersweet Chocolate, melted

1/3 cup Uncooked Cream of Wheat

3/4 cup Finely Chopped Toasted Cocoa Nibs

(Cocoa Beans Broken Into Small Pieces)

Whipped Cream

1 cup Whipping Cream

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 Tbsp. Confectioners Sugar


1.) To make ganache: In a small saucepan, combine cream, 1/4 cup of water, and ground coffee. Heat of medium heat until hot. Remove from heat: let stand for 15 minutes. Strain cream mixture through a fine sieve into a clean 2 quart saucepan. Heat cream mixture over medium heat and bring just to a boil; remove from heat.

2.) Meanwhile, in a food processor with a metal blade attached, finely chop chocolate. With motor running, pour hot cream mixture through the feed cylinder. Add butter and process until chocolate and butter are melted. Line a 9-inch square baking pan with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, letting foil extend at two sides. Pour ganache into pan. Freeze until firm, about 1 hour.

3.) To make cookie batter: Spray eight 3.25 to 3.5 inch ramekins with cooking spray. Line bottoms with parchment circles, and spray again.*

4.) In a medium skillet over medium heat, cook almond meal  until lightly toasted and fragrant, stirring frequently, about 5 minutes. Turn meal onto a plate to cool.

5.) In a medium bowl, beat egg whites and salt with an electric mixer on medium-high speed until soft peaks begin to form. Shift mixer to high and gradually beat in sugar until whites stiffen.

6.) In a large bowl, combine almond meal, egg yolks, melted butter, melted chocolate, Cream of Wheat, and cocoa nibs; stir until blended. Fold in egg whites. Spoon mixture into a large food storage bag and snip a large hole in one corner. Pipe mixture into bottom of ramekins to cover, about 1/2 inch thick.

7.) Remove ganache from the freezer; lift from pan using foil ends. With a 2.25-inch round cutter, cut out 8 circles. Place a circle on the center of each ramekin. Pipe remaining batter over and around ganache to cover. Smooth tops. Freeze until firm, about 1 hour.

8.) Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place ramekins on a baking sheet and bake until tops feel firm, 21 to 23 minutes. Allow to cool on the baking sheet 10 minutes.

9.) Place remaining ganache in a small saucepan and melt over low heat. To serve, run a knife carefully around the inside of the ramekins and invert cookies onto a plate. Remove paper. Drizzle with warm ganache and sugared cocoa nibs. 

**Thanks a lot for this Coasterbelly

Sausage Balls

  • 1 lb. hot breakfast sausage (Jimmy Deans or something similar)
  • 3 cups Bisquick
  • 1 10oz bag of sharp cheddar cheese (grated)
  • 1/2 tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1/4 tsp. Ground Red Pepper
Combine above ingredients starting with bisquick and sausage, adding cheese next and then Worcestershire Sauce and pepper. Roll into bite-size balls. Bake on an ungreaded baking sheet 2 inches apart in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes.
These can be made ahead and refridgerated or frozen. If so, allow to return to room temperature before baking.

This is what happens when you go to sleep with cookies on the brain as a gamer.

One Fattening Night By: Filmcub

I laid there in bed, fully bloated from a huge stuffing. I knew that my nightly feeding was not over. We had just returned home from the buffet, and my feeder was letting me relax a bit, before he came into my room with dessert. I thought back to our night at the buffet.

He had dressed me in the largest sweatsuit we had at the house, an XXXL, so it was a little baggy on me. He then knelt down to slip on my wide size tennis shoes. He helped me off the bed, and got into the Tahoe and drove to the buffet. Both doors, had to be opened for me to fit through the entrance. I waddled in with him at my side, and we made our way towards the table. They put two chairs together for me to sit on. My butt had grown so wide, I needed two now. I sat down, the chairs groaning under my weight. I shifted my bulk to move closer to the table, my belly preventing me from going too far. My feeder was already at the buffet, making plates for me. He had ordered four milkshakes for me to drink before he made his way over to the food. I started drinking on the first one. The rich, sweet drink pouring down my throat into my fattened belly. I couldn’t help but rub the enormous thing as I drank the milkshake. My feeder returned with some food, he set a full plate of macaroni and cheese, and a full plate of mashed potatoes and gravy in front of me. Then went back for more to fill the table. I set the milkshake down, and starting spooning the mac and cheese into my mouth. I knew the cheese was very fattening, and continued to gorge knowing that the dish would contribute to my rapid ballooning. It didn’t take long for me to clear that plate, and start the mashed potatoes and gravy. By this time my feeder was back, the table ladened with other entree dishes. As I stuffed myself with the mashed potatoes, he cheered me on, “Yes, that’s good fat boy, swallow it down. Keep growing for me. You’re getting so sexy as your body swells fatter, and fatter.” This made me eat faster, I moved on to the mound of fried chicken, biting into each piece. It didn’t take long for me to clear that plate. My belly was a bit bloated after that, filling up the once baggy sweatshirt. He kept setting plate after plate on the table, as I continued to eat and fatten. The chairs groaning as my body bloated heavier from all the rich, southern dishes. I finally pushed the last spoonful of green bean casserole into my mouth, and then fell back, belly bloated forward. My sweatshirt had lifted up a bit, exposing a sliver of my fattened gut. He pushed the last milkshake towards me, as I reached for it, and started chugging it down. “You did a great job tonight there, fat boy. All that food is gonna stretch you out fatter. I might have to roll you out of here.” He laughed as I smiled back, setting the empty glass down and placing my hands on the sides of my bloated gut. I felt like his stuffed prized hog.

We got back to the house, and he helped me waddle inside. I made my way towards the sofa. I dropped down, my fat ass almost filling it up from end to end. “Well, fatty, you did a great job tonight. How about I reward you with some dessert?” I rubbed my bloated belly, knowing I’d be helpless to resist. He took my shoes off, and stood back up and rubbed my belly. “Now let’s get you onto that scale in the bathroom and see what we did tonight.” He helped me sit up, my fattened gut hanging out of my shirt. I waddled behind him towards the bathroom. “Alright fat boy, get up on that scale.” I waddled to it, and stepped my feet onto it. He peered down. I hadn’t been able to see my feet for months now, much less what the scales says. “Wow, you’ve ballooned up to 400 pounds fat boy. Let’s see how high we can keep going.” I smiled, knowing he planned on blowing me up huge. I waddled towards the bedroom, as he went to the kitchen to get dessert. I sat down on the bed, and reclined against the pillows on the headboard. I adjusted my sweatshirt so it covered my swollen fat belly as much as it could, and spread my legs to make room for it in my lap.

So now, hear I am, waiting on him to bring me my dessert. 400 pounds kept rotating through my mind. I couldn’t believe I had only been 180 when we started this journey. He had really kept his promise to making balloon huge. I rubbed my swollen gut, it mounded in front of me, blown up huge. Only because i was reclined back amongst the pillows and the headboard, was I able to see the tips of my feet sticking out to the sides of this huge fattened mound in front of me. I had turned into his blimp. At that time, he entered the room, clad in nothing but boxer briefs and carrying a tray of chocolate iced donuts. I stared at his muscled frame, ready for that man to start stuffing me full. I wanted nothing more than to balloon fatter for him. “Is my fat boy ready for his dessert? “Oh, I definitely am.” He climbed on top of my gut, causing me to grunt as he straddled me. “Alright, let’s blow you up, babe.” He started feeding the donuts into my waiting mouth. The chocolate iced dessert putting me in a euphoric state. He pushed donut after donut in to my greedy mouth. “That’s right, grow for me babe, fatten up for me, swell that body fatter, just keep eating..” I heard him say. I continued to chew and swallow as each donut was pushed in. I was his fat boy, just growing fatter with each bite. The last donut pushed it’s way between my lips.

"Alright babe, I have another treat for you since you hit 400 tonight. Come in boys." Two hot, cub type looking guys walked into the room. One was carrying another tray full of eclairs, and the other had three jugs of some liquid and a funnel in his hand. "Since you hit 400, I thought I’d give you a treat. These two here are going to help me fatten you even more tonight. They’re just here to feed and massage you." Oh god, I thought, excited at the thought, I knew tonight i was going to blow up huge. My feeder hopped off me, and the three stood at the foot of the bed. I’m sure i was a sight to see. My sweatshirt had rolled up to my fat swollen moobs, and my belly was inflated, and bulging, I’m sure blocking my face from view. My wide hips and fattened thighs almost to the edges of the bed, my sweatpants looked practically painted on. They looked at me in lust.

Next thing I knew one of the cubs was at my side. He stuck the funnel in my mouth. I stared up at him, and he started pouring the liquid into the funnel. It flowed in quick, and I had to chug to keep up as he continued to pour. He said, “This is the most fattening weight gainer I’ve ever made. It’s heavy cream, blended with whole milk, peanut butter, chocolate, and of course, weight gain powder.” The rich cream flowed into my stomach. I could practically feel the weight gainer fattening me up right there on the spot. I moaned around the flow as he continued to pour the shake down. My feeder walked up to me, and started massaging my bloated and ballooning gut. “Drink up babe, that stuff is going to make you swell beautifully.” I squirmed as I felt my sweatsuit grow tighter as I bloated. “Don’t worry about this suit babe, we are going to feed you till it bursts off.” My eyes wide as I continued to chug the shake being funneled in. The shake was quite thick, and it was filling me up faster than I expected. “You’re doing great fat boy.” said the guy pouring the shake in. My feeder continued rubbing my fattened belly, the other cub stepped forward and started massaging my thighs. I laid there in euphoria, these men working on fattening my body even more.

"Alright, that was the last of it. That shake blew your man up like a balloon." said, the guy who had been pouring the shake into the funnel. "Yeah," my feeder said, "he fattens very nicely." I was laying there, trying to catch my breath now that the funnel was out of my mouth. My belly had blown up so much it was my pushing my fat moobs up into my chin. My third chin. I attempted to rub my belly, but my feeder stopped me. "No fat boy, that’s my job." He started massaging again, and I grunted and moaned in pleasure. His hands helping ease the bloated feeling, relieving pressure. The cub who had been massaging my legs came forward with the tray of eclairs. I looked at him, and groaned, unsure I had any room left. "Oh, I don’t want to hear any of that. With a gut that big, I know you have room." Before I could protest, he shoved an eclair in. I chewed and swallowed, and there he was, ready with another one. My feeder still massaging my fattened gut said, "Yes fat boy, I know you can do it, just swallow them down. Keep fattening up for me. You know you want to be huge. Keep swallowing those down, feel them balloon you up. Your sweats are to their breaking point." I knew he was right, as another eclair was stuffed into my mouth, I swallowed. I could hear the seams of my sweats practically screaming to rip. My sweatshirt had already started to tear up the sides under my arms, as my chest and stomach ballooned. My ass, hips, and thighs had stretched the pants out as wide as they could go, my fattened flesh starting to billow through the seams and over the waistband. The elastic around where my ankle met my calf, even started to rip from the fat accumulating there. I felt myself swelling even more. The weight gainer must be taking effect, increased by the eclairs that were still being stuffed into me.

The three stared down at me. I looked at the looks on their faces, and knew they were pleased by what they saw. My sweats laid in ripped tatters around my bulging, hugely fattened body. “Well, fat boy, look at you. You
swole up huge!” said my feeder. The two men, just stared and nodded in agreement. They circled around me like sharks, and started rubbing my fattened body. “Wow, his whole body is just swollen round. Everything is!” said one of the cubs. I couldn’t see anything past my moobs or gut of course.”Well, his underwear managed to stay on. I’ll see to change that though, after you two leave.” said my feeder. “Man, we don’t get to have any fun with this blimp?” “Nope you two did what I needed y’all to do. Y’all can give him one last rub, and after that I want him all to myself.” said my feeder. The two cubs walked to my sides to where I could see them. They both rubbed the left and right side of my enormous gut. “You did great tonight fatty, you’ve blow up beautifully. We can’t wait to see how big he gets you.” I weakly smiled, enjoying the feel of the rubs, but still processing how much I had ballooned over the course of the evening. The two headed out the door, and my feeder walked over and shut and locked the door behind them. “Well, my fat feedee, you look amazing, and you’ve done so great tonight. I’m going to reward you even more.” He walked over to the lamp, and right before he turned it off, I smiled and knew all the stuffing, fattening, and blowing up this big was about to pay off. 

I stared down at the letter, I had just received. “Dear Chris T. Mason, you have just been selected to represent our company. Upon reviewing your resume, we decided that you meet the qualifications necessary to help the company continue. Please appear at work on Nov. 30th at 9 A.M., we shall be expecting you.”

I turned the envelope over, and noticed the company was North Pole Inc. I had seen this building a few times in the city, but never quite knew what it was. I had been sending around resumes recently, so I just assumed I must have forgotten sending one to this company. It was a bit odd, but considering the job market at the moment, I realized I should not be picky.

On the morning of November 30th, I dressed for work. I stared at myself in the mirror, decided I would keep my beard. It was well trimmed, and not too bushy. I made sure my dark brown hair was styled and business appropriate. I put on my nicest Brooks Brothers suit, italian leather shoes, and headed out of my apartment. I hailed a taxi and gave them the address of North Pole Inc. 15 minutes later, I was standing outside of the red brick building. I walked up to the door, and rang the buzzer for them unlock it. A second later the door buzzed, and i walked in. Standing in the lobby I observed it was just an empty room with an elevator on the far wall. I stepped into the elevator and noticed there was only two buttons, one for the top floor, and one for the bottom floor. I hit the top floor button, and the elevator shot upwards.

The elevator finally came to a halt, and the doors opened. I stepped out into a brightly lit, red and green lobby. There in the center of a circular desk, was a woman. Upon seeing me, she raised her head up and gave me a big smile. “Hello, Mr. Mason, we’ve been expecting you! I’m Holly.” “Hello, Holly.” I replied, “I’m not quite sure what the job that I’ve been hired for entails,but I’m ready to start work today.” She smiled even bigger, “Oh that’s alright Mr. Mason. Mr. Tinsel is on his way out here to speak with you.” A few moments later, the mahogany double doors to the side burst open, and out walked a man, dressed in a gold suit, but he was also very short. His head was level with my stomach. He walked up to me, and held up his hand. I stuck my hand out as well, and shook it. “So, you must be Mr. Tinsel, it’s very nice to meet you.” “Yes, I am. It’s very nice to meet you as well Chris. Now if you would please follow me, I’m going to show you to your office, and answer any questions you have. I am the manager of this place, so I oversee the operations, however, my position is right under yours, which means I’m here to help you…adapt, to your new job.”

I followed Mr. Tinsel through the double doors, and we entered a circular room, that had doors making up most of the circumference of it. Mr. Tinsel turned to look at me and said, “As you may know, we are a factory, a toy factory precisely. Your job will be to represent our company.” I nodded my head, although, I never knew it was a toy factory. “Well, Mr. Tinsel, I’m ready to best represent the company to the best of my ability.” “Perfect.” Mr. Tinsel said, while smiling really big. “Alright, now follow me through these doors Chris, and I’ll help get you started on your way to being our new representative.”

I followed him through some double doors that were off to the side. This room, was sort of a bedroom. It was decorated with red painted walls, and gold trim. The furniture was gold, and quite antique looking. The bed off in the corner was also gold, with a green canopy draping over it. There was a chaise lounge, and a few standard chairs, and what looked to be a restroom, and dressing room off to the side. I turned to look at Mr. Tinsel, “I’m not quite sure I understand what this room is for.” He looked up at me smiling, “Why, this is your chambers, sir.” “Chambers? I’m not quite sure I follow Mr. Tinsel, what is going on here?” “Well, my boy, business sometimes gets so busy, the boss is expected to stay and make sure things continue to run smoothly. It’s a very time consuming job, you see.” Puzzled, I looked around the room. I desperately needed a job, but I was starting to realize things weren’t what they seemed. However, I didn’t want Mr. Tinsel to notice my uncomfortableness, so I just decided to nod my head in agreement. At that moment, the double doors opened, and two more shorter men walked in, wearing green jumpsuits. One was carrying a bundle of clothes with a pair of slippers on top. They walked up towards Mr. Tinsel, and I.

"You must be Mr. Mason, I’m Jingle, and this is Jangle. We are your secretaries. Anything you need, we are to provide." I said hello to each of them, and smiled back. Mr. Tinsel turned to look at me, and said," Alright, Chris, let’s get you out of those clothes, and into your work uniform." "Oh, I wasn’t aware there was one," I said. "Yes, Jangle please hand Mr. Mason his uniform. The dressing room is over there Chris, we’ll be waiting out here till you return."

I took the bundle of clothes from Jangle, and headed to the dressing room. I opened the door, and stepped into a small room with a chair, a table and a floor length mirror. I set the clothes on the table. I realized the uniform consisted of a red union suit, woolen red and white striped socks, and red backless slippers with S and C embroidered in gold on the front of them. That’s a very odd uniform I thought, seemed more like something to relax in. Confused, I slipped my shoes and suit off, just left in my boxer briefs. I grabbed the union suit and unbuttoned the front buttons, stepping into the suit and pulling it on. I buttoned up the front buttons again, realizing the suit was quite baggy on me. They must not have realized my size, I thought. I grabbed the socks and slippers, and headed over to the chair. I pulled on the socks, and slid my feet into the slippers. I walked over to the floor length mirror and stared at myself in this attire. Yeah, this is definitely getting weird, I thought to myself. I then opened up the door and went back out into the chamber.

I stepped out, and Mr. Tinsel turned to look at me. “It’s a little baggy, ” I said, pulling at the fabric drooping around my stomach. Mr. Tinsel laughed, “That’s alright Chris, it’s meant to be that way. For now.” He said those last two words under his breath. I noticed Jingle and Jangle look at each other and smirk. “What was that last part, Mr. Tinsel?” I said. “Oh nothing, Chris, nothing at all. Alright, now we need to make sure you are physically capable of the job. Follow me into the restroom.” Confused about this, I asked, “The restroom, sir? What would be possibly need to go in there for.” “Well, my dear boy, we need to make sure your weight is acceptable.” “My weight?” “Yes, the job has a weight requirement due in part to the image we have to uphold.” “Ah, so you mean I have to look my best to represent the company, sir?” I said. “Yes, Chris, that’s exactly it.” He said with a gleam in his eye. We walked into the bathroom, and there against the wall, was a set of scales. I stepped on to the machine, and we looked at the numbers. They finally settled on 220. “How is that weight Mr. Tinsel?” “Well, we definitely have some work to do on it.” “Yes, I have been snacking a bit more than I should, it’s the holidays and all, so I’ve put a bit on.” “No worries, there my dear boy, we shall fix that.”

We walked back out into the bedroom, and Jingle and Jangle were standing there, with what looked like a giant mug on a tray. “Would you like some hot cocoa sir?” Jingle asked. “Sure, why not..” I said. I take the mug off the tray, and take a sip. It was quite warm, and a had a thick, chocolate taste. It was quite possibly the best cup of Hot Cocoa I had ever tasted. Oddly, something came over me, and I continued to swallow the cocoa, almost chugging it down. As I swallowed the last drop, I found myself disappointed there was none left. “That is delicious, quite possibly the best cocoa I’ve ever tasted” I said as set the empty mug down. “Well,” Mr Tinsel said,”There’s definitely more where that came from, anytime you want it.” A strange feeling started coming over me. “I feel quite funny,” I said, “I think I need to sit down for a minute.” I made my way over to the chaise lounge, and reclined back on it. I noticed Jingle and Jangle had left the room, while I was making myself comfortable on the lounge chair. Mr Tinsel walked over and stood over me. “Well Chris, now it’s time for the next part of your training.”

Feeling kind of disoriented, I looked up, and said, “What’s that Mr. Tinsel?” “Your…weight training, Chris. Remember how we said the job had a weight requirement? Well, now we have to help you meet it, so you can go on to the next phase.” “What do you mean meet it?” I asked. “There’s never been a skinny Santa, Chris.” Those words slowly sunk in, and everything started to make sense. Flashbacks of everything I had seen, the reason the men were short, the colors, the SC initials on my slippers. I wondered how I could have been so naive, but things like this didn’t happen in real life. This couldn’t be real. Seeing the look on my face Mr. Jingle said, “Don’t be so shocked, you need a job, and this is the perfect one for you. We knew you had potential to be the face of our company, and now we are gonna help you reach it.” “But Mr. Tinsel, I didn’t know that’s what you wanted from me. You want me to gain weight? Become the new Santa? That’s a lot to ask of a person.” “Ah, but it’s too late Chris, you’ve agreed already, and we know how badly you needed a job, you can’t afford to turn this away.” I groaned and fell back on the chaise lounge. I knew he was right. I had no choice.

It was then that Jingle and Jangle returned, with a tray of more cocoa, and a cart of pastries, cakes, and cookies. They pushed the cart over towards me. I groaned when I realized what the purpose of that cart was. “All right, we have exactly 25 days till Christmas, that gives us enough time to get you into…shape.” said Mr. Tinsel. “25 days? There’s no way I can fatten up that much in that short period of time.” “Yes actually, you see that cocoa you drank earlier? Well, it speeds up your gain, and makes you crave food, but slows down your metabolism, so your body will fatten faster.” Tinsel said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Jingle approached me with a mug, and a smile on his face. I offered a weak smile back, and nervously took the mug, accepting my fate at that point. I drank the cocoa, feeling it’s warmth flow down my throat into my belly. That weird disorienting feeling came back over me as I drank it down, yet it also brought back the feeling of wanting more. When I brought the mug away from my lips, Jingle was standing there, holding an eclair right in front of me. That feeling of wanting more was still there, so I took the eclair from him, and bit into it. The taste was amazing, and I greedily pushed the rest in my mouth, and chewed before swallowing it down. Before I could do anything, Jangle was to my right with another eclair, only this time, he brought it to my mouth, and pushed it in. Before i could swallow it down, Jingle on my left, had one ready right in front of my lips as I swallowed the previous one. They stood on both sides of me, as I was reclined on the chaise lounge. Shoving eclairs into my mouth, literally from right to left, as I tried to keep up with their pace. Mr. Tinsel walked over to me, and put his hands on my belly. “Alright boys, make sure you keep giving him some of that cocoa in between the eclairs.” He looked up at me, “They do get a little into the feedings and may forget, so if they do, you should ask for some to drink to remind them.” I nodded, my mouth full of chocolate and cream. “Alright, Chris, I have to go spend the rest of my day doing inspections of the factory, however first thing in the morning, I’ll be back here to check on you. As for you Jingle and Jangle, don’t get too carried away, we don’t want our new Santa to pop.” I looked up horrified, mouth agape as Jangle shoved an eclair into my open mouth. “Just kidding, Chris.” Mr. Tinsel, said as he walked out the door.

I spent the rest of the time being stuffed constantly by Jingle and Jangle. Chugging the cocoa as they poured it into my mouth, and swallowing the numerous pastries and cookies they shoved in. I lost track of time, just lost in the process of chewing and swallowing. This went on for a very long time it seemed, I just laid there, rubbing my bloated gut as they continued to fatten me. Finally, I noticed we were down to the last cake. Slices of cheesecake were pushed between my lips, I groggily chewed and swallowed. “This one is gonna fatten nicely, I can tell.” “No doubt about it, once his body adjusts to the shock of all these calories, he’s gonna blow right up.” I moaned as I heard, Jingle and Jangle’s conversation about me, to full to even say anything to them. “Alright Mr. Mason, you’ve been eating all day and evening, it’s time to get you to bed.” Jingle said. I could only grunt, as they tried to help me stand up, my belly more stuffed and bloated then I had ever felt it. They helped me maneuver to the bed, where they sat me on it, took off my slippers and helped me lie down. My belly was so bloated and full, I could barely see over it. Jingle and Jangle started to slowly knead and message it through my union suit. They did this for awhile, and actually helped me feel less bloated, and I started to drift off to sleep. “We’ll be back in the morning sir, to do this all over again.” “Hope you’re ready” giggled Jangle. I heard the door shut, as I drifted off.

"Good morning, Chris! How are you feeling today? Hopefully, Jingle and Jangle did a great job with you yesterday." I groggily opened my eyes, to see Mr. Tinsel standing over me. "We have breakfast ready for you. Time to eat, Chris." I sat up, and rubbed my belly, noticing it had deflated some over the night. "You probably only added about five pounds yesterday, but don’t worry, that body of yours is gonna balloon right up in the next few days." Great, I thought to myself, as I stood up, stepped my feet into my S.C. slippers, and lumbered over to the chair where they had a tray of pancakes, waffles, muffins, and breakfast pastries set up for me, with a jug of the cocoa. I sat down in the chair, as Mr Tinsel pulled the tray closer towards me. "Jingle and Jangle are busy at the moment, but they’ll be in around lunch time to feed you again. I have to go back out into the factory, but I ensure you’ll finish your meal and cocoa by the time they get here." "Yes sir, I will." I mumbled. "Good man," Mr. Tinsel smiled, "We’ll have you fattened up in no time with that attitude." As he walked out the room, I sighed as I grabbed the jug of cocoa and chugged it.

I was splayed out in my chair, rubbing my bloated belly, legs spread to accommodate it. I moaned in fullness, my tray of food empty, just a pile of dirty plates, all the food now packed into my swollen gut. The doors swung open, and to my horror, I saw a cart of pies being pushed into the room, Jingle and Jangle behind it. They made their way over to where i was in my chair. “Wow, someone did excellent at breakfast, look at that swollen gut.” Jingle said, as he cleared the old tray and plates away from in front of me. Jangle walked up to me, and poked my belly, “Oh yeah, you’re on your way to being a fat man for sure there, Mr. Mason.” They pushed they cart around my chair, behind me. “Alright, we hope you saved room for these pies.” I groaned as they started feeding me slices of pies. Each pie was a different flavor. My belly bounded forward as blueberry, apple, cherry, and even chocolate pies went into it. “Oh you’re doing so wonderful, Mr. Mason, this food is definitely gonna have you fattened and ready for christmas.” “Yes, I agree with you Jangle, he’s going to be so wonderfully round and plump.” I could only nod in agreement, as they fed me the pies. Mindlessly, chewing and swallowing, with the occasional chug of cocoa.

A week of doing nothing but eating, being force fed, and sleeping had gone by. I laid in bed, knowing Mr. Tinsel was about to walk in any minute. Thinking about my predicament, I was beginning to accept my new job. As more food was going in, my appetite grew, making it easier for me to eat the ridiculous amount of food they would stuff in me. I heard the door open, and the light come on. “Well, well, how’s our big man doing this morning?” “Good morning, Mr. Tinsel,” I said. “Morning, Chris, well, you’ve been with the company for a week now, so it’s about time we check your progress.” I slid my way towards the side of the bed, Mr. Tinsel walking over to give me a hand, as I heaved myself up. “Alright, steady there my boy, let’s get you to the bathroom on that scale.” I had started developing a slow waddle, so he helped me as we made our way to the bathroom. “Now, step on that scale Chris, and let’s see how much progress you’ve made this past week.” I lumbered towards the scale, stepping one foot on at a time. I could barely see over my red, union suit covered belly, I leaned forward a little bit more to see the numbers. I saw the tips of my red and white striped socks, and watch the numbers above them continue to go way past 220. I saw the number hit 244, 251, 266, and finally settled on 272. I stared in shock, and felt a hand on my back. “Well, well, good job there Chris. You’ve gained 50 pounds in one week.” said Mr. Tinsel. “How is that possible?” I managed to sputter. “I told you, my boy, that cocoa speeds up the process.” I stepped off the scale and looked in the mirror. My face had rounded, I could see a double chin underneath my dark beard. My arms had thickened up, and even my hands and fingers were more plump. On my chest, two mounds pushed out from beneath the union seat, my eyes making their way down the buttons that lined my middle. The buttons were holding on for dear life as they made their way towards my fattened belly. It stuck out so far, i was amazed the buttons were still intact. My love handles and hips were blown out at my sides, giving me a very wide appearance. I continued my gaze past those to my thick, thighs, and round calves. The legs of my union suit wrapped tight around my legs like tights. I couldn’t believe how much they had fattened me in such a short amount of time. “Yes, obviously, you are going to need a new uniform soon. Yes, very soon indeed. Oh, that sounds like Jingle and Jangle now, time to continue your growth, Chris.” Tinsel said. I could only wonder as I waddled out the door towards my next feeding, how fat I was supposed to swell up to.

Another week and a half had gone by, however, to me everything was such a blur of eating, sleeping, and growing fatter. They had given me a new union suit, which was also baggy at first, but of course after a week and half of force feeding, I was bursting out of that one. I was laying on the chaise lounge, my head and shoulders reclined back. My fattened body, swelling over the sides of it now. Jingle was to my right, either pouring cocoa into my mouth, or pushing slices of cakes, gooey chocolate chip cookies, or strawberry cream cheese danishes into my waiting mouth. “Yes, just swallow it all down Mr. Mason, feel it helping you swell, fattening you. Each bite you take causing you to balloon fatter.” Jangle walked past me, and got in front of me, as I couldn’t see over my swollen belly, I wasn’t sure what he was doing. I felt my SC slippers slide off my feet, and felt my foot start to be massaged. “Yes, we need to increase circulation as you haven’t be on your feet for two weeks. We can’t have you moving around too much, and working off all your newly grown fat.” Jangle said. I could only nod my head, seeing as how my cheeks were bulging with a danish. About that time, the door opened. I expected to see Mr. Tinsel. I turned my head as much as I could and noticed someone I hadn’t seen before. This man, was actually quite tall. He was very handsome, and I wondered who this new man could be. “Wow, you are a big one. Mr. Tinsel said you were quite fat, but you’re a bit larger than I expected. You can call me Shepard. I’m a massage therapist, and you look like you are in need of one.” I stared at Shepard, as Jingle continued to stuff my mouth. I watched Shepard makes his way towards me, he leaned over my belly, slowly unbuttoning the buttons on my union suit. My belly inflated up, free from it’s restraints. Shepard put his hands on my fattened belly. He started to knead the fat, gently, slowly getting faster, as if he were kneading dough. After awhile of him doing this, the pressure in my belly started to ease. However, this only caused Jingle to start pushing more and more cheese cake into my mouth. Shepard’s massaging allowed me to continue eating. I moaned in ecstasy from Shepard’s massaging, Jangle massaging to increase circulation, and the feeling of being stuffed full by Jingle. It was then I realized, I actually might enjoy this job.

Jingle and Jangle were packing the dirty dishes back up onto the cart, and heading out the door for the night, leaving just me and Shepard in the room. I was laying there, blown up more than I’d ever been, and I looked up to see Shepard standing over me. “Alright, fat boy, let’s get you into that bed.” He was stronger than he looked, because he pulled me right up onto my fat, swollen legs. He helped me waddle towards the bed, then he gently eased me down, my hand on my rounded belly, wincing from being so full as I sat down. “So, before I leave, how about I help you get rid of that bloated feeling?” I weakly nodded, and said, “Yes, I would definitely appreciate that. They stuffed me more than they ever have tonight.” “Yes, that’s because your deadline is apparently getting close.” he said. “Do you know how much fatter I have to get, ” I glanced up at him. “Not a clue, Chris. I’m just here to massage you. Now, let me get these clothes off you.” He pulled my clothes off, and helped me roll onto my back on the bed. I moaned in pleasure as he massaged my enormous, fattened belly. As the stuffed feeling started to drift away, so did I.

"Oh my, Jingle and Jangle did quite a number on you on yesterday. You’re positively enormous, Chris" I opened my eyes, and saw Mr. Tinsel standing over me. "Well, we can’t have you walking around naked today, so I brought you a fresh uniform." I grunted I as I tried to heave my bulk up. Mr. Tinsel helped me stand up. "Okay, Chris stick that leg of yours in through the leg hole" I stuck one fat leg in each leg hole, and Tinsel helped me my arms through the arms holes and the sleeves. He came back around and buttoned up the front, pausing to rub my round, jiggling belly as he did the buttons over it. "Well, you look like a stuffed sausage in that new suit. You’ve fattened nicely, and we still have 5 days left of your training. Now here, let me sit you back on that bed, so I can get your socks and slippers on." I lowered my bulk back down onto the bed, my belly making me recline back a little, and causing my thighs to spread. I lifted my fattened legs, the best I could as he pulled the red and white woolen socks onto my feet. He slipped each red slipper onto my foot. "Even those feet of yours are fat now, those slippers are on tight. Is there any where you aren’t growing fat, my boy?" I laughed, and said, "Nope, y’all are doing a great job, I should be ready any day now for the job." "Well, like I said Chris, you still have five days. Although, I have no doubt you’ll be ready." Tinsel smiled. I just smiled back, still wondering how fat they intended me to be in 5 days.

I waddled behind Mr. Tinsel, as we made our way back to bathroom, so I could get on the scale. He stood to the side, as I made my way toward the machine. My fat belly grazed the wall in front of me as I stepped on the scale. Mr. Tinsel laughed, “You getting any fatter, Chris, that belly is gonna prevent you from getting on that scale! Alright, now let’s see what those numbers say.” I couldn’t see past my bulging gut, so Mr. Tinsel came around the side and started calling out the numbers to me as they showed up on the scale. “Alright 290..301…318…329..335..347…355. It stopped at 355! Wow, Chris, you’re gonna be one very fat Santa. It’s gonna look great for North Pole Inc. to have you as our representative!” “Well, sir, I hope to. I’m glad I’ve been able to grow this big to fulfill my potential to take on the challenges of the job, and to make the company proud.” “Well, don’t get ahead of yourself my boy, you still have 5 days left to go.” “Yes sir,” I said as I waddled out of the bathroom behind him.

Two days later, I was sprawled on the chaise lounge, digesting all the pastries Jingle and Jangle had just shoved into me. Shepard was back, and massaging my ballooned gut. “So, only three more days to go, huh Chris?” “Yep, not too much longer, they’ve really fattened me up huge. I never expected this when I accepted the job, but I’ve actually learned to love it.” I said. “Yeah, it’s a great look on you. You’ll be the best looking Santa, I’ve ever seen.” He smiled at me, and I smiled at him. “Well, you know, Santa does need his Mr. Clause.”

Finally after two more days of stuffing, the fifth day arrived. After being stuffed and fattened constantly for those two days, it was time for my final weigh in. Jingle, Jangle, Shepard and Mr. Tinsel gather around me as I waddled up to the scale, slowly lifting one heavy leg on at time. My enormous, jiggling belly pushed into the wall. Everyone had to crouch down to see what the scale said. “364….373..386…395…401.” Tinsel yelled out the last number. As I stepped off the scale, everyone cheered and gathered around me. Shepard put his arm the best he could around my back, and Tinsel, Jingle, and Jangle rubbed and jiggled my fattened belly. Jangle even managed to stand on the toilet,and stuff a pastry in my mouth. I turned and looked at him, as I chewed it. “Hey, we are gonna have to keep you well fed, so you stay at 400.” he said with a smile. I just smiled back. “Alright, well, now that you have reached the last stage in training, it is time for your official business uniform. Jingle, will you please get that for us.” Tinsel said. Jingle ran out the door, and while we waited, the guys took turns rubbing my enormous belly, amazed at how enormous I had fattened.

Jingle finally returned with a red jacket with white trim, red pants, a belt and some black boots. Mr. Tinsel grabbed them from him, and turned to me, “Here ya go Chris, go into the dressing room, and put on your uniform. Shepard go with him and help him dress. He’s definitely going to need it.” Shepard got the uniform and boots and followed me as I waddled towards the dressing room. Once we got in there, I slid my feet out of my slippers, and lifted up my legs the best I could as Shepard helped pull the pants on me. They fit me like a second skin, seams were straining, and we couldn’t get the button to button. He came behind me as I slid my arms into the jacket, the sleeves bulging from my arms, barely able to get my arms to my sides. He grabbed the belt, and slid it through the loops on the jacket. He came around in front of me and tried to buckle the belt across my fattened gut. I had to suck in, as much as one at my size could, and he got it buckled on the last notch. I went to stick my red and white striped socked foot into the boot and when the boot got to my calves, we realized my calves were too fat for the boots. I just looked up at Shepard in shock.

Finally Shepard opened the door, and out I waddled. He walked behind me carrying my boots, and went around me to stand in front of me, by Tinsel, Jingle, and Jangle. They all burst out laughing, as I waddled forward. I looked to my left at one of the mirrors in the room and noticed what was so funny. I looked like a giant red, balloon in the suit. It looked like I had blown up fatter while wearing it, my body ballooning underneath it. I turned to look at everyone, as they continued to laugh. I let out a big sigh, and apparently that was a mistake. As my body relaxed, my belt popped open, allowing my belly to balloon forward, the sleeves of the jacket ripped at my shoulders, and my pants ripped down the thigh seam. As I stood there, the uniform in tatters, the four guys burst out laughing even harder. I looked up, while rubbing my jiggling, fattened gut, I said “Um, Mr. Tinsel, I think I’m gonna need a bigger suit.”

Happy Leftovers Day!

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Keep your fingers crossed this is mostly gone by Monday!

Banana Nut, Cream Cheese, Nutella, White Chocolate Cake

The directions and ingredients are pictured above. I changed a few things. I added about a cup of white chocolate bits to the cake batter and half a cup finely chopped hazelnuts to the Nutella filling. Enjoy!