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Gain Tirade: Episode Four, 9/18/2011

  • Topic: Ageism in the gaining community
  • Commentary and interview with Arachnophobe.

Runtime: 37 min

The fantasy that killed the moment…

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Gain Tirade: Episode Three, 9/11/2011

  • Topic: Fantasy vs. Reality in the Gaining Community
  • Interview with Fenrir

Runtime: 42 min

This weeks upcoming podcast features an interview with Fenrir! The topic: Reality vs. fiction/fantasy in the gaining community along with the usual very crudely drawn comic.

What if you were caught in this situation?

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Gain Tirade: Episode Two, 9/04/2011

  • Thanks for the overwhelming response
  • First Emailed topic (Read in podcast)
  • How to handle being in a gainer or an encourager in a relationship when your partner is not into the fetish.
  • What weight gain techniques have worked for us and which have not.
  • Thanks to the submitters, if we didn’t call your name out we’ll do it next time, we record on Wednesday.

Runtime: 30 min

Shooting for weekly podcasts, with releases on Sundays. Stay tuned guys.