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I just whipped this up a little while ago. I felt it was semi-appropriate—I mean, it is food.

These realistic creations belong to Simon Rosati, also known to many in the gaining community as Spidey0192. Simon’s work certainly evokes a realness to a larger man’s look, but it has a cartoony and playful edge I enjoy. If you’re so inclined, as I find myself, you can find more artwork at his website and for a commission just shoot him an e-mail.

These wonderful drawings are by SenorGordo aka, Izzy. He’s known artist around the gaining community and does some great work, basing much of it on fellow members in the gaining community. He does commissions and if you’d like to contact him, shoot him an e-mail. We can’t wait to see how he interprets us!

Again, with a little color. Thanks again, DearZeus.