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Written by: Arachnophobe

 “You do not think I have gotten too large?” Piotr asked as he stood in front of a full length mirror in Oni’s antic bedroom. The skylights had been opened to let the unseasonably warm autumn air in. Wolverine was out in the backyard burning leaves, which was just her way of covering up the cigar smoke. Oni stood, fully erect in his pajama shorts, watching his now boyfriend pulling in his severely rounded out belly, holding it, flexing, and then relaxing it.

“Pete,” Oni said looking at his lover in the mirror and then down at his throbbing hard on. “What part of this scenario makes me look like I’m not enjoying this?”

“Oh!” Piotr said with a rueful smile, his own sizeable girth beginning to fill out his briefs. “Again? So soon?”

“That was good morning sex,” Oni smirked.

“It generally happens when one man shares his bed with someone he loves and he wakes to find that person still there.”

“Loves?” Piotr backed up a bit, sizing Oni up.

Oni felt his stomach churn. He had just said the “L” word, and no, he wasn’t talking about lesbians or leather. “Well, I meant that—you know, with us being—and then there was the—the umm… you probably—“

Piotr put his rough large index finger to Oni’s lips. “Shut up, lover.” Piotr first kissed Oni softly, and then his intensity increased. The Russian’s tongue darted into Oni’s mouth and they each found another in a passionate form of oral hockey. Oni felt his heart rate increase as he Piotr pulled him closer to him. Oni felt that not only had Piotr’s belly grown and softened, but this lats, side and back had all been encased in extremely masculine beef. The scent of Pete’s breath of still on Oni’s mouth when Peter picked Oni up quickly and sauntered over to the palate of their bed. The low lying bed sat on very little, but the frame was just firm enough to support Piotr’s growing size. As they approached the confines of their love nest, Piotr let Oni tumble out of his arms, while he literally rips his underwear off.

His bobbing manhood stood out in front of him, like an arrow pointing directly at his desired connection. Oni licked his lips, ready to do whatever was asked of him, but instead he found Piotr dropping to his knees.

Piotr began to jerk and pull the pajama bottoms off Oni, and once they were around his ankles, Piotr began to suck and lick Oni’s burgeoning cock. Oni wanted to touch Piotr’s head, feel his hair in his fingers, but Piotr’s hand shot up and pushed firmly on Oni’s chest, pinning him to the mattress.

The warmth and wetness of Peter’s eager mouth sent shivers down Oni’s spine. Shivers that continued down his sides, briefly entering his thighs, until they met their end at the base of his shaft. The pleasure he was receiving was unimaginable. Piotr was just quick enough to keep things hot, but slow enough to tease and draw out the tensions and slight pain that only true orgasms can bring.

Piotr raised his head from his lover’s crotch, smiling ruefully, stroking his own throbbing penis. “You like me fat, yes?”

“Oh God YES!” Oni moaned loudly, biting his lower lip, and showing his bright white teeth.

“You wish me to be big and fat and manly?”

“Bigger and better…” Oni slightly yelled.

Piotr stopped stroking his cock and Oni’s.

Oni looked down at Piotr, whose bright smile slightly disarmed Oni. “What? Did I—did I say—“

“Bigger?” Piotr said with a deep growl.

“Pete, I—“

“You want more of… of this?” Piotr took both hands and shook his round belly.

“I do, Piotr,” Oni said as his cock leaked a copious amount of pre-cum.

“Good,” Piotr sound in a husky tone, as he crawled into the bed. “I do, too.” Piotr began kissing and licking Oni’s neck like a ravenous beast.

“You—oh, you do?”

“Da,” Piotr whispered, and he lifted Oni’s legs on top of his shoulders. “Make me your fat Colossus.”

Oni felt both emotional elation and physical pain as Piotr confirmed what he had been wanting him to say for the last month as Colossus thrust his massive eight inch cock into Oni’s unsuspecting hole.

The “Late Night Rendezvous” as Oni had started to call them were beginning to show up dramatically on Piotr’s waistline. Not one to be rushed into anything Oni plotted out their course of action for the next few weeks. While Piotr snored not-so-quietly next to him, Oni would jot down dinner ideas, snacks, and desserts for his growing Russian. He and Piotr would go to bed early at night, wait for the others to return to their rooms, and then sneak down to the kitchen where Piotr would gorge night after night on sinfully delicious treats that Oni had planned, baked, and prepared all day for.

True, Piotr was getting fat. It wasn’t so bad at first. He was still able to conceal his weight gain with the fact that even before he gained weight, he was a solid three hundred pound man. By the time of their afternoon-love making fest, his three hundred and fifty pound frame was barely different, especially in his armored form.

Oni and Piotr were both cleared for active duty, and returned to missions with the rest of the team. Piotr was met with a few challenges considering that when he first started packing on the pounds, they were both benched. Now, that he was out moving around again, Piotr’s metabolism shot back up. He initially lost some weight, which disappointed the Russian but only incensed the African weather god. He redoubled his efforts, so that by three months into their relationship, Piotr was back to his road of massiveness.

First, he would huff and joke about his clothes not fitting as well. So Oni pulled Rogue aside and asked him for his help. Rogue didn’t like to be addressed in such a casual way about clothing, considering that’s what was keeping his teammates safe from his death touch. But he was touched by Oni’s desire to keep the ballooning Russian happy. Rogue complied with the request, and set out to try to first expand Piotr’s existing clothing. Soon, he realized that would no longer suit them, and began making all new clothes for Colossus.

When Piotr would complain about a shirt not covering his stomach, Oni would redirect his attention to his pulsating crotch, and all doubts would be erased from their minds. Oni thought that at times, it was a bit of a game to Piotr. Complain about his size, and Oni would show him how happy he was.

True, their relationship started with lust, but soon, they found themselves loving one another. Piotr even whispered it in Oni’s ear one night, when the lithe young weather wizard feigned sleep. Sure, Colossus was jabbed a few times by Wolverine’s snide remarks, but in the end, Oni knew Piotr loved it. He would even comment that if Wolverine acted more like a man, Colossus would show her how to shave her face. They laughed, drank beers, and shot the shit, as Wolverine put it.

Kit had taken to speaking to Cypher, a young blonde girl with an obsession with computers. The two of them hit it off, and eventually Kit went to stay at a small college annex for actual gifted students.

By the time Piotr hit the 375 mark, Cyclops had begun to comment on her concern for his ability to work in the field. Colossus proceeded to outperform himself in the Danger Room by hitting a new feat of his own strength. He actually broke the record he had previously set. Henrietta commented that she believed Piotr’s weight increase to have actually increased his strength, albeit in his metal form. Henrietta called Morris McTaggert on Muir Island to ask her to come and perform further testing with her machinery.

And Oni couldn’t stop touching him.

The nights where Oni would wrap his sinewy thighs around Piotr’s growing waist and Piotr slid his hot rod deep, DEEP inside Oni, his hands would find his gut and his massive moobs and fondle unto they both came. Occasionally, Piotr would accidentally begin to shift into metal form, but he would always manage to shift back to soft, pliable skin phase.

Oni had never tried so many sexual positions in his life. True, his sexual conquests weren’t numerous, but Piotr seemed to know everything there was about sex. He would plow Oni one night while he was bent over the bed. The next night Oni was being carried around the room by Piotr while he rode his boyfriend like a horse. And each and every time, Piotr would ask, “You want me bigger, yes?”

Oni would sometimes scream out “YES!” which would result in them both shooting massive loads. Other times he would just nod as the pleasure erupted inside of him, and he felt his body shudder from ecstasy.

And true to his word, Piotr gained…

Another of Oni’s favorite past times with Pete was watching him turn into the steel-skinned Colossus (albeit not during sex). When Pete became Colossus, the shape was still there, but his soft round belly became this hard, massive round ball of sensuality.

He would even sneak up behind Oni while Oni was showering and rub his hard, mountainous gut on his lover’s back. Often times, in the locker room after missions, they were forced to retreat to the showers where the steam and the hot pounding water masked their grinding and thrusting.

But it wasn’t until Colossus put on his costume made of unstable molecules that they hit their first real snag. True his costume had been tailored by Rogue, who was a secret tailor in his spare time, but when he put on his costume that clung to him like a condom and shifted his skin into his mutant form, the seam burst.

Soon Colossus and his metallic body stood naked for all to see. Oni felt his hands twitching with his vest and his pants stretching to contain his erection. Piotr saw the tightening of the pants, and soon the metal member of his began to grow and thicken and harden before Oni’s very eyes. He had never touched Colossus’ cock when it was metal. And even though he knew that Colossus managed to radiate a minute amount of heat while in this form, he still expected the cock to be cold when he slid his mouth over the head.

He had felt this head in his mouth and in his body many times, but somehow it felt bigger. Oni knew that Colossus got a little taller and a lot bigger when in this form, but he didn’t know that it applied to his penis as well.

He wondered if Piotr could feel the soft inside of his mouth and the slithering of his tongue, but soon the moans emanating from the depths of Piotr’s chest and stomach, told him that he felt it. And so he continued his sucking and rubbing and gently teasing with his teeth, until Colossus began muttering in Russian. Then with a slight shift, Colossus returned to his skin form and shot his load in Oni’s mouth.

And then right around the time Piotr hit the four hundred and fifty pound mark (which was marked by nearly a full day of love making), something startling happened.

Gene returned.

Cyclops and Wolverine were blindsided more than the rest of the team. Gene seemed to have no memory of his life as Phoenix or even Dark Phoenix, which Oni was grateful for to a degree. Gene apparently only vaguely remembered them, as they had all grown and changed so much in the time since he was gone. Gene asked to take some time away from the team, which nearly broke Cyclops’ heart.

The former straight-laced, do it by the numbers man was rocked to his core. The Professor tried her hardest to keep the team together, but it seemed that this newest development, instead of bringing everyone together and pushed them further apart.

Oni lie awake in bed one night, and when Piotr rolled over, his belly nearly pushing Oni out of the bed, he awoke.

Mumbling in Russian, the bleary-eyed titan looked at his dark-skinned lover, “What is wrong?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Da,” Piotr said matter-of-factly, “that of which I can see.”

“It’s Gene.”

“He was your friend, yes?”

“He was everyone’s friend. Now, it’s like, he’s not even sure who we are.”

“Vell, if the Phoenix was not him, then he barely spent one month with us before he disappeared and was replaced.”

“I know, Pete, it’s just—“

“You miss your friend still.”

“Yes,” Oni rolled over on his side, with his back to his lover, who immediately cuddled up to him, belly smooshing to mold to Oni’s lower back, “I miss him.”

“He will come back to you,” Piotr said as he kissed the back of Oni’s neck and then rubbed his forehead through the small white Mohawk on Oni’s head, “And when he does, I vill be there with you.” Piotr yawned widely and then said in a smaller quieter voice, “Because I love you, and I vill not leave you.”

“Gene’s been kidnapped,” Henrietta told the team as they sat in the War Room a few weeks later. The Beastling sat there with her blue fur looking forlorn and slightly lost. She was not leadership material, and Oni knew that naturally he would have to step up to the plate if he wanted this team of X-Men to survive. Alexander Braddock had been recruited from England his punk rock purple hair was slightly off-putting, but not nearly as much as the leering eyes he made at Cyclops, who mostly sat around the mansion. She still trained and went on missions, but she was clearly just going through the motions.

“Who did it?” Oni asked, while Colossus sought his hand on the table.

“We believe it was Mastermind,” Beastling rubbed the bridge of her nose, “Gene was last seen trying to attend college, and doing fairly well—“

“You know where he is?” Cyclops perked up at this.

“Yeah,” Wolverine said in a snide tone, “some of us check up on the ones we love.”

“You didn’t love him,” Cyclops sneered. “You just wanted a quick little bed fu—“

“ENOUGH!” Oni yelled. Even Piotr looked slightly shocked. “Look, we don’t have time for this. Cyke, I’d really appreciate it if you came with us on this mission. Wolverine—“

“Who put Rambo’s bitch in charge?” Wolverine said in a less than kind tone.

“You will watch you tone, comrade,” Piotr said in a deep-bellied command.

“And you gonna stop me Pillsbury?” Wolverine was standing up, her claws unsheathed. “We’ve never tested to see if my adamantium can cut through that gut of yours. Metal skin or not.”

Piotr was now standing, shifting into his metal form.

“Ugh!” Oni groaned. “Look! I’m taking whoever wants to go with me to save Gene. But I’m leaving now. Mastermind has a grudge against Gene for what he did to him when Gene was Dark Phoenix.”

“Well, technically that was never Gene, but an impost—“

“Hannie,” Oni looked at Beastling, “let’s not split hairs. Besides, Mastermind probably doesn’t know that Gene wasn’t Dark Phoenix. He’s out looking for revenge. Who knows what he’ll do to Gene. So whoever wants to go with me—“

“I’ll find Gene on my own,” Cyclops said and out of the room she walked.

“Not if I get there first, bitch,” Wolverine said stalking out right behind their former leader.

“Alex? Rogue?” Oni looked at the two remaining members, “You in?”

“Honestly, sonny,” Rogue said quietly, “I’m not so big on people who can mess with mah head. Even the Professor and Ah, well, we don’t get along so well.”

Oni looked at the punk rock British Alex.

“Don’t look at me. I’m here just for looks, darling. In fact, we British rarely enter into the fray unless absolutely…”

“Whatever,” Oni looked at Henrietta, “I know you’re working with the Avengers now, Hannie, but I appreciate you coming to me with this information.”

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Scarlet Witch, we wouldn’t have known. She was recently used by Wyngarde in that sex ring out in California. That’s where I’d start looking for Mastermind.”

“On it,” Oni headed to the locker room to suit up, and then looked back at Piotr, who was following close hind. Oni’s dark solemn face broke into a broad smile. “I’m so glad I don’t even have to ask you to come with me.”

“I am yours,” Piotr smiled back. “Where ever you need me, I vill come.”

“We’ll have to save that for when we get back with Gene.”

After they changed into their uniforms, Piotr having to wear a new costume made by Rogue, they made their way to the west coast. After a few short hours, they arrived at the last known residence of Mastermind, which happened to be an abandoned warehouse on the waterfront, making it a prime place for sex slave trading in and out of the city. Once the air craft had landed and the cloak device armed, Colossus tore through the rolling door…

…making it the first mistake of the entire day.

Piotr was hurled backward with such a force that he nearly took out Storm. Having become a little more surefooted in the passing months, Storm watched as his lover went soaring backwards. Turning his gaze into the darkened building, Oni’s heart sunk as he saw Gene standing with his hands outstretched and a glossy look in his eyes.

Slinking out of the shadows like a snake from its den, Mastermind cackled like a mad hen. “I guess Dark Phoenix isn’t so impenetrable to my powers now, is he?”

“First, do people really talk like that?” Storm said flying into the air, “And two, that wasn’t Gene, Asshole!” He raised his hands emphatically as the windows of the warehouse crashed inward and blustery winds and lightning cascaded into the metal enclosure.

Mastermind cackled even more ruefully as Gene protected them in a telekinetic bubble. “You see, now I’ll become the ring leader of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. I have finally mastered the powers of the Phoenix. None shall stop me! Especially after I kill you!” Placing his hand on Gene’s shoulder, Mastermind began to send telepathic illusions into Gene’s mind.

Seeing Storm as a swirling demon monstrosity, Gene lashed out with the fury of his psychic powers.

Oni crashed to the ground as his head felt like it would be split open from the backlash of the telepathic assault. Blood even began to trickle from his nostril as the worst pain Oni ever felt crashed over him. His body began to twitch and writhe as the anguish assailed him.

“Kill him,” Mastermind said, “Slowly.”

From the depths of the nearby shore, Gene pulled a large, seaweed covered anchor. The trail of dripping briny water splashed and dripped on top of Oni, who felt nothing but the agony inside his head. Just as the anchor plummeted from nearly twenty feet overhead, Colossus came tearing out of the wreckage of the building he had been sent into. Grabbing the anchor and wrapping the chain around his arms, he began to swing with the weight in the air. He swung the anchor and sent it toward Gene and Mastermind. The anchor froze in midair, suspended softly, and then was sent flying back into Colossus’ direction. Due to his increased weight, he easily snagged the rusted object from its trajectory and let it slide slightly. Holding onto the grit covered chain attached to the anchor, Colossus began to twirl it through the air. Soon the extended anchor caught with a few of the metal I-beams and with a flex of his metallic muscles, Colossus brought the section of the building down upon Gene and Mastermind. Gene, protecting himself and Wyngarde, caught the material telekinetically. The weight began to strain on his mind and body.

Storm, who was still reeling from the psychic assault, sat up slowly. His double vision confirmed what he knew to be occurring. Colossus had come to his defense. Wyngarde was distracted for the moment, as was Gene. He would only have one chance at this, and with his vision blurred as it was, it would be a one in a million chance shot. Pulling the electrical energy from the sky above, Oni directed a single bolt of lightning through the open windows behind Mastermind.

Direct hit!

Mastermind crumpled to the floor, completely unconscious.

Colossus seeing the lightning, reacted instantaneously. Hurtling himself forward against the telekinetic shield, he reached for Gene. As soon as Mastermind lost consciousness, his illusion would be destroyed leaving Gene unaware of the immediate death that was about to befall him.

All Storm saw was the collapse of an entire building. Rocketing to his feet faster than what was mentally safe, Oni began screaming out names: first, Piotr’s and then Gene’s.

The seconds stretched on for eons, and then the rubble began to shift.

Slowly but surely a battered and beaten looking Colossus emerged with Gene safely under his chest and belly. When the coast began to clear more, Gene used his telekinesis to shift debris and make a decent path for their departure. Piotr, much to his dismay, had also inadvertently saved Mastermind.

Gene and Oni collided in an embrace, which was interrupted quickly when Oni detached from his best friend and latched onto his one true love.

The plane ride back was not nearly as long as it felt for the three of the X-Men and their captive. Upon arriving, they found the X-Men waiting for them and the Professor was delighted in Oni’s motivations as a leader, although he was reprimanded for his brash methods.

Gene and the Professor decided to have a long discussion about what exactly had happened while he had been away. Rogue commented that he was surprised to have seen Piotr’s costume to hold up against so much wear and tear. Oni couldn’t decide whether it was a comment on his weight or the fact that the radio report on the way home sounded much more harrowing than what Oni, himself, had experienced.

Stepping out of their costumes and putting them to be cleaned, Oni and Piotr decided to shower upstairs instead of the locker room. Oni was still nursing a major headache and Piotr seemed to be concerned about him. He was being unusually tender and attentive. It wasn’t until they were showering together in the attic apartment, which was becoming an impressive feat the larger Piotr continued to get, that Pete’s true distress was unearthed.

“I was concerned for your well-being,” Piotr said finally.

“Well, I’d hope so,” Oni said casually, “we usually are in life or death situtions.”

“It is not that,” Colossus continued, “I have never cared for one as I have cared for you. You are simply my world. And… when I saw you in pain, I could not bear it.”

Thunderstruck by these words, Oni simply stood there with his hands on his lover’s monumental belly. “Piotr, I—“

“Say nothing,” Piotr shook his head, sending a cascade of water droplets onto Oni, “just say how you feel about me.”

“I love you, Piotr,” Oni said firmly yet quietly.

“With what?”

“All my heart and soul. My life is in this. Is in us.”

“Good.” And Piotr simply lifted his lover’s chin with his knuckle and kissed him gently.

The kiss prolonged itself into an enamored and passionate make-out session. Their growing cocks began to rub against one another, but both of them jabbing into Piotr’s underbelly.

Oni felt his body quiver in a way that was new to him. Maybe it was because he knew what was to come. “Fuck me, Piotr.”

“Nyet,” Piotr said equally forceful. “I vill make love to you.” Piotr picked his lover up, and Oni wrapped his legs around Piotr’s waist as Colossus leaned the thinner smaller man against the shower wall. “I vill make love to you for as long as you want.”

As with the shower water acting as lubricant, Oni guided Piotr’s enormous shaft deep into his waiting hole. He contracted his stomach and back muscles and began to ride his lover’s penis. But for some reason it didn’t feel right. He was still shivering as if a sense of anticipation began to vibrate inside his very core.

He locked eyes with Piotr and uttered the words, “Lover, I want you to shift… shift—“

Piotr kissed his lover’s lips and stopped his words, and slowly but surely Colossus turned his skin into organic steel. The soft, malleable belly hardened into a spherical ball gut. The moobs and erect nipples hardened even further. And the rock hard cock, hardened and lengthened and grew even larger deep inside Oni. Oni could feel his being stretched wider and wider and Colossus continued to grow bigger and harder. Before Oni knew what he was doing he was shooting his load, but he continued to ride on Colossus’ cock. He bucked and banged and ground that cock deeper and deeper inside of him.

Colossus began muttering in Russian the passionate words that Oni had come to love hearing just before his lover blew his load. And deep within Oni’s belly he felt the hot cum erupting from the massively swollen head of his lover’s cock. The big fat Colossus shuddered in sexual ecstasy while his weather god Storm continued to slide up and down his steel shaft. The first time was hot, the next time felt like heaven.