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Feb 24


Street Fighter x Tekken trailer -


Street Fighter x Tekken trailer -

Feb 22


Feb 18

Anonymous said: Your latest guest in the Fatfanplus episode is a pretentious twat. Why would you let someone walk onto your show and tell you how you're acting? Weak man, weak.

Weak would be not allowing all sides to voice an opinion and hiding behind what you view solely as correct. Instead we opted to allow someone to play devil’s advocate and to give real showmanship a chance. 

Your opinion is weak and unfounded.

Feb 14

Anonymous said: If you guys could go back to hosting the podcasts in Dropbox, that would be great! The cubby site you use doesn't work on mobile devices at all, through tumblr, or the hosting website directly. Thanks!

As soon as I can figure out what the issue is between Tumblr and Dropbox actually is, I will. There is some sort of conflict going on there and it seems to work basically when it wants to, I’ll dedicate some time to it this weekend and see what I can do. Thanks for listening!

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Feb 13

Stop poking the bear..

Stop poking the bear..

Feb 11


Feb 07

Anonymous said: your not getting half as many views as fatfanplus (the gaining life) because you never talk about anything or get to the heart of anything, all you do is dance around a subject and do not ask the questions people want ansers to, you should listen to (the gaining life), your podcasts are basicly just so you can hear yourselves talk!

Yes, by all means please listen to their podcast. If you need real and pertinent information on gaining, that is certainly the place to go—considering it is run by someone who is truly a paragon of the gaining community and has well over the average number of years in knowledge on this particular subject.

This show has grown beyond the identity of simply talking about fat. It’s a community forum to show that our community members are multifaceted and have a vast depth outside of fat, cocks, and sexual trists hidden by the software confines of Skype and it’s technological trappings that usually leave those, like yourself, in an anonymous pitfall of guilt and frustration from the inability to act on your deepest desires.

If you truly had any measure of audible integrity, perhaps you would be able to ascertain this through the banter that actually takes place between guests and hosts. You are far better off with your aforementioned alternative. 

Feb 06

Anonymous said: Topic for next podcast? could you maybe discuss in your next pod cast about why we want to gain and if you think tv and stuff aimed at us during childhod is responsible for us wanting to be gainers now and also discuss if you think there were gainers and encouragers over 100 years ago or further back or if this is something that has come about within the last 40 odd years please :D

You should listen to what some of the guests in previous episodes have said, obviously media in its various forms has influenced a great multitude of the gaining community. As far as gainers in the past….who knows? I mean the Romans did sew their anuses shut and eat themselves to death. What do you think?