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Dedicated to exploring the various reaches of living with "gaining" on the brain.
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Episode One: Introductions to hosts and the gaining community

Episode Two: Gaining in a non-G&E relationship

Episode Three: Fantasy vs. Reality in the gaining community

Episode Four: Ageism in the gaining community

Episode Five: Encouragers

Episode Six: Online Gaining vs. Gaining in Reality

Episode Seven: Gaining in Mainstream Media

Episode Eight: The Chicago Gaining Community

Episode Nine: Gainer Etiquette

Episode Ten: Actualism vs. Conceptualism 

Episode 11: Online Gaining Community Status Post Annoyances

Episode 12: Biggercity Attention Seekers in the Online Gaining Community.

Episode 13: Gaining in the Military

Episode 14: Dos and Don’ts of a First Time Gainer Date/Meet-Up

Episode 15: Fat Video Game Characters

Episode 16: Sex in the Gaining World

Episode 17: Masculine vs. Feminine

Episode 18: Body Image

Episode 19: On the fence about Gaining & Advice

Episode 20: Balance in Gaining and Life

Episode 21: Gaining with or without an Encourager

Episode 22: Positive Self Affirmation as a Gainer

Episode 23: Gainer Camp

Episode 24: Inception of Gainer Camp

Episode 25: Inception of Gainer Camp Part II

Episode 26: Gromoffs and other Social Gainer Activities

Episode 27: Hiding your Online Gaining Persona

Episode 28: Update and where the podcast is headed

Episode 29: Reluctance of Gainers towards Encouragers and Smaller Community Members

Episode 30: Promblems of Gainer Social Media

Episode 31: Being a new Gainer in the Community

Episode 32: Discussion of various roles and their perception in the Community

Episode 33: Padding

Episode 34: Bodily Changes and Those Who Fear Them

Episode 35: An Honest Discussion

Episode 36: Oneoddguy

Episode 37: Wibigboi/Arnez64

Episode 38: GuySmiley

Episode 39: BakedFresh

Episode 40: ThePieHole