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Gain Tirade & Nojo,
Gaintirade 2013

Gain Tirade: Episode 40, 6/29/2013 

Interviewee: ThePieHole

Runtime: 40 min

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Gaintirade & Nojo,
Gain Tirade 2013

Gain Tirade: Episode 39, 6/4/2013 

Interviewee: BakedFresh

Runtime: 36 min

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Not going to lie. I’d probably pay to see this.  If only……


Asker aryckleo Asks:
Hey guys! Have there ever been times when you've been gorging or in a feeding that you surprised yourself with how much you were able to eat? I was really baked after a dinner date and ate a whole carton of ice cream faster and more easily than EVER! It was really awesome and exciting, but I was very surprised by my appetite, especially after a big dinner. Id love to hear yours!
gaintirade gaintirade Said:

Pot is definitely a gainers best friend. It, and my handsome encourager, are the two most vital aspects of my 60+ pound gain since I started. There’s been quite a few times I’ve surprised myself with how much I can eat in one given sitting. One particular time, after putting away two full large baconator meals from Wendys, I somehow found myself gulping down four large frosty shakes, then hitting the Oreos…it was pretty intense in the best damn way. 

Keep on surprising yourself and that belly will definitely pay off BIG for you.


I can’t be with someone who doesn’t include cake in foreplay.

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Asker hd272 Asks:
How long were you two together before you got engaged? What was that experience like? See a lot of cheesy proposals on youtube for straight couples, always wondered if the gay version was fun too.
gaintirade gaintirade Said:

If you count the year we just had sex and got to know each other before we decided to get serious, 4 years. I (Matt) proposed to Peter on Christmas day just a few months ago. I had planned on doing it on our anniversary, which is the 28th of December at a nice restaurant, but I got too excited. I had the rings custom made, his is clearly a great deal more utilitarian han mine. What can I say? I like to be flashy—though his is nearly 2k in diamonds and platinum, mine is white gold and has 1.5k in diamonds.

I sat his ring on his desk and watched him open his gifts. Nearly 30 minutes later he sees the ring on the desk and thinks one of my friends left it during out Christmas party. It finally clicked. No real big pomp and circumstance here, just a simple gesture to find out if he’d spend his life with me. Clearly it works. :)

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Gaintirade and Nojo,
Gain Tirade 2013

Gain Tirade: Episode 38, 4/27/2013 

Interviewee: Guysmiley

Runtime: 45 min

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The very first encourager show!